Math Workbook for ISEE, SSAT, & HSPT Prep: Middle & High School Entrance Exams by Allen Koh

Math Workbook for ISEE, SSAT, & HSPT Prep: Middle & High School Entrance Exams

Book Title: Math Workbook for ISEE, SSAT, & HSPT Prep: Middle & High School Entrance Exams

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1475143222

Author: Allen Koh

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Allen Koh with Math Workbook for ISEE, SSAT, & HSPT Prep: Middle & High School Entrance Exams

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This second edition of the Math Workbook for ISEE, SSAT, & HSPT Prep: Middle School and High School Entrance Exams has been overhauled from the first edition to reflect the most up-to-date knowledge of the private school admissions exams, as well as to incorporate new insights gleaned by our experts as they used the first edition to prepare students for these exams.

Here are some new features you will find in the second edition:
* A more logical progression of concepts and exercises
* Over 60 new practice sets covering basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and advanced topics
* Expanded sections specific to the ISEE and HSPT
* An assignment planner to help students track their practice sets and measure scores
* A formula sheet containing the most vital math rules and information
* A thorough explanation of the major differences between the ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT
* Updated answer key with easier navigation

The philosophy of this math workbook remains the same as in our first edition: rigor and drill. Because these are the first tests that actively try to trick students at every turn, those who sit for these exams need reflexive familiarity with mathematical computation, problem types, and strategy. The entrance exams are the first standardized tests for which budgeting time is a significant issue. Students need to spend the majority of time on analysis, rather than computation, to avoid getting tricked. By building skills, speed, and confidence, we hope to eliminate anxiety and give students a solid foundation on which to build excellent scores.

This book is intended as a supplement for our highly trained staff, so it includes neither strategies nor answer explanations. However, motivated students can use it successfully with occasional help from a teacher or parent. Each chapter is comprised of units, with each unit comprised of problem sets with difficulty increasing in a logically progressive manner. Students should do as many of the problem sets for each unit as it takes to achieve a 90% accuracy rate. As a general rule, students taking lower level exams should complete chapters 1-8, and stick to "basic" questions in chapters 9-16. Students preparing for high school entrance exams should go through the entire book.

While private school entrance exam preparation is the primary purpose of this book, we recognize that it may serve other purposes as well. This book would be useful for anyone looking for a workbook that encompasses all fundamental math concepts up through an 8th grade math program.

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