Accounting Basics: Workbook (Volume 2) by Michael A. Celender

Accounting Basics: Workbook (Volume 2)

Book Title: Accounting Basics: Workbook (Volume 2)

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1491211865

Author: Michael A. Celender

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Michael A. Celender with Accounting Basics: Workbook (Volume 2)

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Accounting Basics: Workbook is the companion book of questions and exercises in the Accounting Basics series of publications. The book contains 88 questions and exercises, all of which correspond to the lessons and chapters in the Accounting Basics: Study Guide.

The Accounting Basics series, which this book is part of, is quite possibly the simplest and most comprehensive series of basic accounting publications in existence today, helping accounting students around the world excel at their studies.

And while the Accounting Basics series has been tailor made for both high school and college students, it is also very handy for working professionals who need to brush up on all the basic accounting concepts and practices.

Using this workbook you will be able to practice:
  • Recording transactions (journal entries),
  • Formatting and balancing T-accounts,
  • Drawing up a trial balance,
  • Putting together the financial statements,
  • Creating cash flow statements,
  • Recording inventory as well as transactions for manufacturing businesses,
  • Calculating and recording depreciation, doubtful debts and closing (year-end) entries,
  • And much, much more…
Also available in this series:
  • Accounting Basics: Study Guide —The companion theory book, with lessons and chapters corresponding to all of the questions and exercises in this workbook.
  • Accounting Basics: Dictionary — The companion dictionary in the Accounting Basics series, with over 300 accounting and business terms defined.
  • Accounting Basics: Complete Guide — A compilation of the Study Guide, Workbook and Dictionary in a single Accounting Basics publication.